About ViMA and about ViMA TShirt FAIRWEAR Global Organic Textile Standard

Values in Words – printed and worn.
Words do have an effect on you and also on the other person reading them, Your inner attitude is presented to the world, sends positive impulses and strengthens your alignment.

When does ViMA start?

We will start a crowdfunding campagne, so we will be able to offer friendly prices and still maintain high quality. You have the choice and pick your writing on your T-Shirt – we will start producing once the minimum volume is reached.

We are happy to inform you when we are ready to start, please insert your email address to get registered in our ViMA mailing list:

“How deep is your breath?” is one of our first writings, we have attached a short pdf about the theme “breath”: how does the long and deep breath work, why is it useful in everyday life?
You can download this pdf for free.